Stainless Steel

Peransa Handpan Economic Series

We are proud to introduce you the best hand pen in the country under the Peransa handpan brand!

Prensa economic series of HandPans are made and designed with stainless steel material and their most important feature is very high quality, along with excellent service and pleasant sound. This series comes with a one-year warranty and you will also receive a gift bag along with the instrument. You can order this series with any number of notes you want.

The stainless steel material allows you to create beautiful melodies and have a relaxing atmosphere by using very high sound tension. If your goal is to use this HandPan for meditation and relaxation, stainless steel will be the best option for you.

This material is made of stainless steel, which makes it easier to use in wet weather. Because your instrument will not rust under any circumstances. Also, the resistance of steel is very good and it suffers little damage compared to possible impacts.

The sound of stainless steel instruments is very stretched and is not recommended for people who play at high speed. But if you are interested in relaxing and peaceful pieces, this series is perfect for you and you will enjoy its sound. Also, this instrument performs very well for studio recording.
Essensaz has a 12-month replacement warranty. So you can use it safely and if there is a problem, leave it to us!

How to Buy a Peransa HandPan

The stainless steel HandPan is made and designed only with matte golden color.

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