Everything You Should Know
​​​​​​​Before You Buy A HandPan

It is very easy to buy Peransa Handpan, no matter where you are. These instruments are made with nitride steel material and you can order the scale you want. Also, if the features you wanted were not in the list, you can contact us through communication channels.
​​​​​​​The process of placing an order until it is made and then shipped generally takes between 30 and 60 days, and if you want a special or different scale, this time will be longer.

After you submitted the order form, we will get back to you letting you know the estimated time of delivery and asking %30 of the instrument’s cost as prepayment. After receiving the prepayment the process of making your KitaPantam will be started, upon completion, we will contact you again, sharing the video of the instrument being played and asking for the balance payment plus the shipping cost.

Payment methods

You can make the payment through international exchanges, and if needed, payment through PayPal will also be active.

Color Variety

About the instruments color, we are trying to be creative and make the instruments reflect different colors, so please in case you have any color preference, mention it in the additional notes field. You can check out our products Gallery to see some of our favorite surface colors !

Our shipping to worldwide is normally through the airlines cargo service (airfreight) which is fast, safe and economic. However the delivery methods are different which will be decided based on your preference, can be delivered to your door or to the nearest international airport to where you live. You may contact us for more detail.
To get the final price please submit your order form and we will get back to you shortly with all the detail.

Shipping Conditions​​​​​​​

Peransa HandPan order form lets you select your favorite scale and materials and also add extra notes to it. buy a handpan in 2 steps , choose your considered instrument and enter your contact information.

​​​​​​​Order your new Pantam right away and get it really soon!

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All of our HandPans, come with a 60ml bottle of HandPan Protective Oil plus a Microfiber Cloth, a Soft-Case or a Hard-Case.

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