Peransa Handpan Basic Plus Series


We are proud to introduce you the best hand pen in the country under the Peransa handpan brand!

Basic Plus, the middle model of Prensa Penn's drum drums, which is made with 1.1 diameter nitride steel material and has better body material, more controllable sound and more weight than the Basic model.

The use of thicker nitrided steel along with applying the highest possible nitration percentage makes the instrument much more resistant to the loss of tuning notes, as well as the resistance to moisture and heat.

Another difference between the Basic Plus model and the Basic and Special models is related to the polishing of the notes. In this series, only the Ding note is polished.

The sound produced by this model is slightly lower and more controllable than the basic model and is suitable for fast playing.

It is not an easy task to maintain the Hong Drum instrument, but if you use it correctly, you will not have a problem with the instrument breaking down. It is better not to put your instrument inside the soft case for a long time and use the stand to store it at home, also you should be careful not to hit it hard, especially with metal objects. Also, placing the instrument in extreme heat or humidity for a long time will damage it, which you can largely avoid by timely and sufficient oiling.

A free care package is included with all Princena Pen Hang Drum models, which includes special oil and wipes to clean the hang drum surface or remove excess oil.

Along with this instrument, an original soft case of very high quality (worth 2,500,000 Tomans) is given as a gift. If needed, you can also buy the hard case for the drum separately.

Also, Prensa Pan Drums include a 24-month replacement warranty, which will replace your instrument if it is out of tune. So you can buy safely.

This instrument is proudly produced in Iran by the best masters of drum making.

How to Buy a Peransa HandPan

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