Peransa Handpan Special Series


We are proud to introduce you the best hand pen in the country under the Peransa handpan brand!

Peransa handpans are designed and manufactured in three models, the main difference of which is the material of the body. The Special model is the most expensive and high-quality version and reinforced nitride steel is used in its construction, but the difference between the material used in this model and the Basic model is that the steel used in the Special version is heavier.

The construction material is very important in the maintenance and sound quality of the instrument, and the reinforced nitride steel in this instrument increases the overall quality of the special version. Also, the resistance to bad weather conditions and humidity will be higher than the basic version.

The construction material of this handpen is reinforced nitride steel and it is made and tuned using the most up-to-date equipment. Very high build quality along with very low price makes Princesa Special Series one of the most unrivaled and best hand pens in Iran.

The percentage of nitration in both basic and special models is at the highest possible level, and for this reason, you will have better control over the sustainer. In simpler words, the higher the percentage of nitration, the higher the resistance to heat and humidity, the less likely the instrument will be discolored, and the less likely it will be out of tune.

The sound produced by this instrument has a good sustain (or stretch) and produces a pleasant sound; which is suitable for playing pieces at a very high speed.

Maintenance of nitrided steel instruments is not difficult, but you must be careful not to hit the body, nor is it recommended to store in high heat and high humidity; In addition, it is better to always keep the surface of the instrument lubricated using special oil (which is supplied free of charge with the instrument).

Along with this instrument, an original soft case of very high quality (worth 2,500,000 Tomans) is supplied for free. If needed, you can also buy the handpen hard case separately.

Also, Prensa hand pens include a 24-month replacement warranty, which will replace your instrument if it is out of tune. So you can buy safely.

This instrument is proudly produced in Iran by the best masters of handpen making.

How to Buy a Peransa HandPan

The special edition comes in a model with ding and polished notes.

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